Can we just forget the last 10 months and start again please? – Article from Daily Mail

David Moyes says Manchester United job was ‘immense’ as he thanks everyone BUT the players in LMA statement

By JOE RIDGE (Daily Mail)


David Moyes has spoken for the first time since his sacking by Manchester United.

In a statement issued by the League Managers Association on behalf of Moyes, he spoke of the ‘immense’ scale of the job he faced at Old Trafford.

Moyes thanked the fans, the club’s staff and Sir Alex Ferguson for their support during his time at United but significantly did not thank the United players.

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Parting shot: Moyes did not mention the United players in a statement issued by the LMA

Parting shot: Moyes did not mention the United players in a statement issued by the LMA.

Come in No 5: Rio Ferdinand arrives for training the day after Moyes was sacked by United

Come in No 5: Rio Ferdinand arrives for training the day after Moyes was sacked by United.


Drive time: A glum-looking Wayne Rooney arrives at Carrington in his car

Drive time: A glum-looking Wayne Rooney arrives at Carrington in his car.


Caretaker: Ryan Giggs - who is standing in for Moeys until the end of the season - arrives for training

Caretaker: Ryan Giggs – who is standing in for Moyes until the end of the season – arrives for training.


VIDEO COMPILATION of Moyes’ despondent post-loss pressers

The statement comes as stories continue to emerge of rebellion within his squad.

LMA chief executive Richard Bevan was critical of United’s handling of Moyes’s sacking, which was confirmed by the club on Tuesday, less than 10 months after he took the job.

Bevan said: ‘The LMA is very disappointed with the nature of David’s departure from Manchester United and to read extensive reports in the press, confirming David’s sacking, before David himself had been spoken to officially by the club.

‘Throughout his time at United, David, as he always does, has conducted himself with integrity and professionalism, values that he believes in and that have been strongly associated with the club and its rich tradition.

‘It is therefore sad to see the end of David’s tenure at United being handled in an unprofessional manner.’

Keane: United players should be ashamed of themselves


‘To have been appointed as manager of Manchester United, one of the biggest football clubs in the world, was and remains something of which I will always be incredibly proud.

‘Taking charge after such a long period of continuous stability and success at the club was inevitably going to be a significant challenge, but it was one which I relished and never had a second thought about taking on. 

Poisoned chalice: Moyes never came close to emulating his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson (left)


Poisoned chalice: Moyes never came close to emulating his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson (left)

‘The scale of the manager’s job at United is immense, but I have never stepped away from hard work and the same applies to my coaching staff. I thank them for their dedication and loyalty throughout the last season.

‘We were fully focused and committed to the process of the fundamental rebuilding that is required for the senior squad. This had to be achieved whilst delivering positive results in the Barclays Premier League and the Champions League. However, during this period of transition, performances and results have not been what Manchester United and its fans are used to or expect, and I both understand and share their frustration.  

Frustrated: Moyes said he understands the frustration shown by United fans


‘In my short time at the club I have learnt what special places Old Trafford and Carrington are. I would like to thank the United staff for making me feel so welcome and part of the United family from my first day. And of course thank you to those fans who have supported me throughout the season. I wish you and the club all the best for the future.

‘I have always believed that a manager never stops learning during his career and I know I will take invaluable experience from my time as United’s manager. I remain proud to have led the team to the quarter finals of this year’s Champions League and I remain grateful to Sir Alex Ferguson for believing in my ability and giving me the chance to manage Manchester United.’

End of an Era at United? Fans have their say about Moyes

MY VIEW: What a ten months it’s been. Plastic fans tweeting ‘Moyes Out’ from more or less the third week of the season. Mediocre team performances. A David Moyes witch hunt. Not enough said about player performances. I have been a Manchester United supporter since before Sir Alex’s appointment. The team we have now is not in the same league as the one we had during the 90’s and the brilliant year in 1999 when we won the treble. Too much criticism has been sent David Moyes’ way by both the media and ‘spoilt’ fans alike. The Sir Alex Ferguson era is over, they should come to terms with it. Here’s to a new foreign manager (complete with his equivalent of a hairdryer hopefully), new players, a more organised boardroom and less premadonna players.
The players need to take responsibility, the performance against Everton was a deliberate attempt to get David Moyes sacked. They succeeded, but every single one should be fined for that. They get paid far too much these days. If they are not proud to wear the shirt, prepared to perform for ridiculous amounts they get paid, then get out.
All the best to David, failure to qualify for next years Champions League as also cost him his job, in my view he should have been given another season, but its all about money, stocks and shares now. I also thought he was the best man for the job and Fergie’s backing seemed good. Now ten months on I cannot help but wonder why didn’t they appoint a foreign manager straight away. I know availability plays it’s part but I think the way David Moyes has been treated is very unprofessional by the boardroom especially over the last 48 hours.
Whoever comes in, the players should be prepared, because non of the speculated candidates look like they are to be mess with. Please Mr Woodward get yourself sorted and more organised. As for next season.  Bring it on!  x MUFC x

Erm……..”It can’t come quickly enough” :D

Attitude Magazine: Shears on Scissor Sisters: ‘I’m sure we’ll start in a couple years’


Jake Shears has spoken about the future of Scissor Sisters.

The much-loved pop band released their fourth albumMagic Hour in May 2012 – then announced that October that they were going on hiatus.

Speaking to Attitude recently, Shears, the band’s frontman, revealed that he has been writing music in his new hometown of Los Angeles, where he recently moved from New York  – but said it was too soon to say what this will be used for.

“All I can say is I’ve been writing music, who knows?” Shears said coyly. “Who’ve I been writing with? Just, you know, various friends. I feel like if I say anything it’s just gonna… There’s no real, like, plan.

“It’s been interesting getting into the L.A. world because I’ve had to meet new people. In New York there’s so many collaborators: I know so many people and I can just pull someone into the recording studio and get writing. In L.A. I’ve had to, like, meet new people and make friends. It takes a little while. But I’ve definitely met some awesome people now and I’m enjoying writing again.”

Asked what made Scissor Sisters decide to go on hiatus in 2012, he replied: “I think the thing was, when we hit the ten-year mark, we were like, ‘Oh my God, it’s our tenth anniversary!’. That to me was sort of wake-up call. We were either in a tour cycle or a recording cycle for that entire time and we made four albums. And when [instant camp classic Let’s Have A] Kiki happened I was like, well, we’ve said that,  I don’t quite know what else to say.”

He then added: “I’m gonna be very excited some day to take it back up again and I’m sure in the next couple of years, some crazy idea is gonna come to me and Scissor Sisters will start the next record.”

The Voice

Continuing, Shears admitted that he misses his band mates and being in Scissor Sisters. “You know, I miss it a lot, I miss performing,” he said. “But I feel like it’s a good thing. With Scissors, I felt like we just got to this amazing place where we felt satisfied with what we’d done – and once we hit that satisfaction point, I didn’t really know if it was a good idea to keep going with it. Right now, anyway. I felt like we sort of said what we wanted to say for now.”

Shears will join his close friend Kylie Minogue as an advisor on The Voice this Saturday (March 1). During his chat with Attitude, he revealed that Kylie and the Scissor Sisters recorded “a whole album’s worth” of songs together over the years

Jake Shears To Assist Kylie On The Voice UK – Hell Yeah :)

This pleases me muchly :) :)


……..hoot :)

Posted by Jake on Instagram tonight :)

Posted by Jake on Instagram tonight :)

MY VIEW: We are on the third series of  ‘The Voice’ here in the UK. I have never watched until this series. The changing of  two judges has made such a difference.  Always loved  the Kaiser Chiefs so great having Ricky on board. Having Kylie, someone with a lengthy career in the business seems much more appropriate also. Thoroughly enjoying this series, blind auditions have ended, now the fun really starts…….

The-Voice-2014, Ricky Wilson, Kylie Minogue and Sir Tom Jones. The Voice UK 2014 judges.



Derren Brown Interview with Pink News’ Nick Duffy (11th Feb 2014)

Derren chats about coming out, Russia, and his pet parrot
Derren chats about coming out, Russia, and his pet parrot.

In an exclusive interview, Derren Brown talks coming out, keeping his personal life private, and the pressure that gay celebs face to speak out.

Derren Brown is, as he once joked, a borderline national treasure. The hypnotist, illusionist and magician has dominated both stage and screen for over a decade. I caught up with him, still in his slippers, just before he heads out on his latest tour.

You don’t speak out on gay issues as much as some celebs. Do you find it difficult?

“Well I’m quite quiet anyway, and also I’m so hopeless with topical events. I’m terrified of going on panel shows and things like that because I feel like I don’t know anything!

“Unlike someone like Stephen [Fry], I don’t feel best placed. I tend not to want to upset people, so I end up keeping quiet on a lot of things. So a combination of general shyness and a feeling of ignorance.”

Equal marriage is coming in next month in England and Wales. Do you and your partner have any plans?

“No, no plans at the moment! I’ve never really made plans for the future, but who knows? Nothing on the horizon. One of the nice things about being gay is there’s a bit less pressure to do those things, where for a straight couple there’s a little bit of ‘so, getting married? Having a baby yet?’, and then it happens and you don’t see them for sixteen years!

“Clearly this is something we will look back on and go ‘when grandpa was little gay people couldn’t get married?’, in the same way we’ll probably look back one day and go ‘we used to keep animals in zoos and look at them in cages?’”

Have you paid much attention to the stuff happening in Russia?

“I tweeted a video about Russia this morning’, and someone replied ‘Britain’s its own worst enemy, just let people get on with their own values system, we shouldn’t tell other people what to believe’, and part of me almost believes that. Are we just marching in not knowing what we’re talking about? But I think sometimes you have to take a less relativist approach, and a slightly more value-laden approach.

“One of the things for me about coming out in our culture, is you realise to your slight surprise and disappointment that people just don’t care, and it’s very easy to believe that really nobody cares at all and that all the anxiety you create is just in your own head.

“But seeing how it is in Russia, realising how different and horrendous it is, is a good wake up call. You end up becoming a little bit complacent.

“It’s awful, and it affects people’s lives in a really horrendous way. I know there are other places around the world that are probably worse than Russia, and you just hope that this is just a period of change.”

“I’ve got zero interest in sport, sadly, and zero interest in the Olympics generally!”

Would you hypnotise Vladimir Putin to be less of a homophobe?

“[Laughs] I can see the headlines now! I’m not going to even answer that, because if I say yes it’ll be a big tabloidy thing! …but of course, who wouldn’t?”

You got into a bit of trouble last year for saying you could ‘turn a gay person straight’…

“I can’t even remember what the quote was! I never said it at all! The interviewer made a jokey comment about that being one of my shows, and I said no! He continued running with the idea, and I said ‘oh, well’ maybe one day’, and the next thing I know it’s in the Sun! Ludicrous.”

How important is being a gay role model to you?

“I’ve never really seen the question of sexuality as part of what I do. It’s not central to it, it’s just me. But it’s nice for people to know you can be a famous gay person and not be camp as well.

“It’s so important to come out, because for those of us lucky to be in this part of the world it is usually such a non-event, but feels such a disproportionately huge event when you’re not out.

“I came out really late, and it’s just not worth doing it that late, you miss a lot of time. So if you’re not, just do! It’s fine, it’s quite easy, once you start you can’t stop.”

You don’t talk about your personal life or your partner much. Do you try to keep that separate from your work?

“I don’t ‘not talk about it’, I don’t want to be too precious about it! But I was snapped walking down the road with my partner, and the headline was ‘the look of love: Brown clearly adores his partner’… it’s nothing negative, it just leaves a bit of a nasty taste in your mouth, and feels a bit intrusive.

“I understand you have to put up with a certain amount of it. I have my own feelings about things being exaggerated, but when it’s about your relationship, or judgements being made about what you do and what your tastes are, you have to draw a line.”

What’s next for you?

“I’m going off on tour on Tuesday for six months. It’s the second leg of Infamous, and six months is the longest tour is done. It’s quite a long time of the road, which I do enjoy. It’s my favourite thing, I enjoy it more than TV!

“I’m writing a book on happiness, but I don’t imagine it’ll be out until the end of next year. I really enjoy writing, so I’m just letting it happen while I’m on tour, and then second half of the year when I’m back in London.”

Is it difficult to keep the tour fresh?

“This is the sixth show I’ve toured in 11 years! With the TV show, it’s easy to come up with just one idea, but for the stage show you have to come up with a lot of things, and make sure it’s all different enough from previous shows. It can be a challenge, but I love it so much! I get to go around the country with a bunch of friends, it’s a lovely time.”

Who looks after your parrot while you’re on tour?

“Awww! Well, my partner looks after my parrot, and if we both go away somewhere, then Coops, my PA looks after the parrot, and I look after his parrot when he goes away. He’s got my parrot’s brother, so we parrot-share. I used to really miss my first parrot when I went away, because it was just me and him, but when you’re in a relationship you don’t have that same need for pets, they’re not so much of a surrogate relationship. But he’s so adorable, he’s really clever and he does tricks, and he shits on you a lot – that’s less funny, but between the shitting and the biting I love him. I’m patron of the national parrot zoo!”


We only got one TV special last year, why the shortage?

“I’ve wanted to just concentrate on one special for a while, but it does vary from year to year. At one point there was talk of two, then we decided we’d rather do one. No particular reason behind it, it’s just how these things turn out. The worse thing is when it ends up having to be more, and somebody decides ‘no, you need to do more than you’re ready for!’”

How difficult is it when people get critical? You got a lot of criticism after your special ‘Apocalypse’, because people thought it was fake.

“What it was with Apocalypse, was that Steve looked like a guy that was in a noodle advert, and a guy with a blog who had it in for the programme tweeted about it. Something like that, some guy just has a thing, and then people start talking about it on Twitter because it feels like a story, and then the tabloids pick it up, and it feels like it must be real!

“It doesn’t relate to any calm consideration of the show. If he was fake, we had his family in it, so they’d all have to be actors as well, and at the end there was a hundred people at a big party, so they’d have to be actors, and you’d have to kill all of those people’s friends and family so none of them went “that’s not really that guy’s mum, she’s a local actress!” I don’t even know how that would work!

“Ultimately, what other people choose to think in their heads is fine. We have no control over that. It’s a little bit frustrating when you put months and months into huge labour-intensive work, the most ambitious thing I’d ever done, creating this whole thing for one person, but someone goes ‘oh, it’s all fake!’ because that’s what they want to believe.

“It’s more important to just get yourself into a position where you’re not really aware of those things, because it doesn’t matter.”

Any parting advice?

“Be nice! Be nice is important!”

MY VIEW: Interviews with Derren are scarce so I thought I would save this one. Looking forward to seeing Infamous in June. I added the picture of  Rasputin in from an old tweet of  Derren’s.

My New Read….

Since my teens I have always been one for reading a good book. One of my favourite authors. like many others I should expect is the great Stephen King. I have read almost everything he has written ‘Horror’ wise. I also did read the first two of the ‘Dark Tower’ series but I never seemed be able to settle into those.

I always remember reading ‘IT’ back in the 90’s. If you have only seen the television movie and not read the book, I highly recommend it. To this day it is the only book that has truly frightened me to death. I did love Tim Curry in the role of ‘Pennywise’   ( I have always disliked clowns, more so now) in that television movie but the book is much darker and menacing probably because it is about children and their fears. It truly made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and sent a chill down my spine. Yet despite this I could not put it down it was so damn good.

The cover as I remember: 'IT' - ''they all float down here''

The cover as I remember: ‘IT’ – ”they all float down here”

One day I had been reading most of the morning and it actually made my eyes water. I was home alone and decided to take a break and nip out to the local shop. At the time we had a front door that you needed to have the keys on you when you went out, otherwise you would be locked out once you went through it. I had been that wrapped up in the book that morning  that I left through the door with the latest chapter spinning in my head, only to realise once I had slammed the door that the front door keys were on the coffee table. That resulted in getting a locksmith out to get me back in via the use of our neighbour’s telephone, having also forgotten
to pick up my mobile. I had to pay a call out charge, also it was a Saturday so it turned out to be more costly than a week day. I never did send the bill to Stephen King :)

One thing I always remember being a big Stephen King fan was that he had two sons and a daughter. ‘IT’ was dedicated to them at the front Naomi, Joseph and Owen.

The point of all this you may ask? Well in November of last year Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) tweeted he was reading a book called ‘NoS4R2′ and said how damn good it was, that he could not put it down, but it was scaring the shit out of him.

A few weeks before he had also tweeted about reading Stephen King’s ‘Hardcase Crime’ novel ‘Joyland’ as soon as I saw SK’s name I ordered it from Ebay and have since then read it (also recommended).

Live the carny life :)

Live the carny life :)

I never forgot about his tweet mentioning ‘NOS4R2′ though and shortly before Christmas I ‘googled’ the title. Low and behold I then discovered that the author,  Joe Hill was in fact Stephen’s son Joseph. Well that was it I had to have it. During a Christmas shopping trip I saw it on a book shop table in paperback so decided to buy it for Christmas. I do not use a Kindle. I am firmly a book person. Nothing finer than turning the pages of a brand new book…..

NOS4R2 - My copy :)

NOS4R2 – My copy :)

Today is the day I have started to read ‘NOS4R2′ telling myself to remember this is Joe writing in his own right and that he is not Stephen King mark 2. I have to say though I am 108 pages in and I finding absolutely brilliant. Even getting a few chills as I read. It is still getting started and I will see where I head…….and will report back accordingly. ‘Christmasland’ awaits, chills and all.

On the plus side, I now have a front door that requires a key to lock it :) :)