Engaged or Not Engaged????…….that is the question!!! :)

well the fuss seems to have died down yet again after reports that jason and rosie are engaged, rosie’s camp saying they werent, jason’s camp as usual saying nothing, jason doesnt talk about his private life, these reports started at the end of february after the airport ring flashing, however the ring in question was first spotted by eagle eyed jason fans in sept/oct last year, other photos on this post show rosie wearing that ring in nov and dec last year, personally i think they definately are, why? because jason is a very private a person  so theres no chance they would ever officially announce it, also rosie wore the ring in question from sept to feb all the time until the media cottoned on at the end of february, it doesnt have to be on her finger every day to prove they are engaged (she still does wear it but tends to hide her hand or leave it off to try and keep the media guessing), its also unlikely anybody will know that they are married until after the event anyway, having spent time in london last sept again in oct and two weeks together there at the beginning of march, before jason went on set for ‘hummingbird’ and rosie returned to the states, that for me is plenty of time for family and friend get togethers for wedding arranging, also jason is only signed up to do the ‘heat’ remake later this year and with nothing else planned filming wise, plenty of time for a honeymoon, either before or after the expendables 2 premieres, with ‘parker’ now set for a january 2013 release, rosie recently jetted off again from LAX and theres been no sightings on the internet of her arriving in new york which often happens, is she back in london with jason? doing more wedding arranging???? no doubt new photos will appear soon, jason has said he wants to eventually marry and have children in interviews over the years, he has also said in one interview during his relationship with rosie that he has ‘found his lady and he is very happy’ not mentioning rosie by name, i do think he’s found his girl at last and a wedding and baby statham wont be far away………………lets see shall we, when we hear it will be posted for all to see on here!!!!!x best wishes to them both :) x

About Jason’s Girl – (article courtesy of the sun newspaper) – june 2010

well all i can say is if Jason was my fella, think i would be daydreaming about him at work too…………………here’s an old article back when rosie was chosen as megan fox’s replacement for transformers 3 and when she had only been seeing Jason for 3 months!
Bra-vellous ... Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Bra-vellous … Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



Battle of the sexies


Age: 23.

Acting experience: None.

Ex-boyfriends: Tyrone Wood, Olivier Martinez.

Family: Great-great grandfather is 1st Baronet Sir Herbert James Huntington- Whiteley.

Boyfriend: Jason Statham.

Home town: Quither, Devon.

Gossip: Once fell out with Agyness Deyn over a Burberry modelling contract. Was later pictured holding what looked like a bong.

Says: “You have to know how to use your body.”


Age: 24.

Acting experience: Transformers 1 & 2, Jennifer’s Body.

Ex-boyfriends: Once linked to Shia LaBeouf.

Family: Parents Darlene Tonachio and Franklin Fox.

Boyfriend: Brian Austin Green, from Beverly Hills 90210.

Home town: Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Gossip: Topless photos appeared on the net in 2009. Once hinted she was bisexual in a magazine interview.

Says: “I could see myself in a relationship with a girl – Olivia Wilde is so sexy…”

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How ‘little old’ Rosie from Devon has been Transformed

By EMMA COX, Senior Feature Writer

Published: 04 Jun 2010

HER body is one of the best in the world and her famous pout is so sexy it is almost indecent.

Already one of the world’s highest-paid supermodels,ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY is poised to become a household name when she stars in the third Transformers film next summer after replacing MEGAN FOX in the role.

Not bad for a girl from a tiny hamlet in Devon with no acting experience.

It’s not the first time Rosie, 23, has ousted a rival from a top role — she had a bust-up with model pal AGYNESS DEYNafter replacing her as the face of label Burberry in 2008.

She has climbed the ladder in her personal life, too. Since hitting the big time in 2006, Rosie has carefully upgraded her boyfriends from ROLLING STONE RONNIE WOOD‘s sonTYRONE to KYLIE‘s ex OLIVIER MARTINEZ — and nowKELLY BROOK‘s former lover JASON STATHAM.

And with a minor drugs scandal already under her belt, fashionistas reckon she could even be rivalling KATE MOSS to become the supermodel of the decade.

So is this gawky blonde from an aristocratic family incredibly lucky — or ruthlessly cunning and ambitious?

Rosie herself would have you believe the former, modestly calling herself “just little old me from Devon” and gushing: “I’m the luckiest girl. I’m truly blessed and fortunate to be in my position and I remind myself of that every day.”

Movie couple ... Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with boyfriend Jason Statham

Movie couple … Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
with boyfriend Jason Statham


The eldest daughter of Fiona, a fitness instructor, and Charles, a chartered surveyor, she grew up on a working farm in Quither, near Tavistock with younger siblings Toby, 20, and Florence, 17, and attended Tavistock College.

She has described herself as “not super-posh”, though her great-great grandfather was 1st baronet Sir Herbert Huntington-Whiteley.

Both Rosie and her mum Fiona like to make her entrance into modelling sound accidental — a stint of work experience at Profile Model Management was followed by her “popping in” to the agency’s London HQ a year later during a shopping trip.

Rosie explains: “My mum insisted I call in and say hello — she’s strict on manners… the next thing I knew I was running around on castings, and the day after I had a job”.

Mum is equally incredulous: “It never entered our heads that Rosie might be a model.

“I wanted her to take her A-levels but then it all suddenly started happening and we just didn’t feel we could tell her, ‘No, you can’t pursue this’.

“I started off being panicky about her being alone in London but Rosie’s got her head screwed on. She’s very kind, not at all diva-ish.”

Whatever the truth, Rosie was certainly not an obvious supermodel as a teenager.

Before a growth spurt, she was short and she admits she was teased at school for “having no breasts and huge lips, and because of my double-barrelled name”.

Pals recall she sat at the front of the school bus instead of with the “cool gang” at the back.

Even after she grew tall and striking, with a perfect 34-25-35 figure, former Profile model booker Laura Manktelow recalls Rosie had “bad skin”, while a former pal remembers seeing her at the Tory Ball and noting that she was: “Even less cool than all the Tories, if you can imagine that”.

But in 2004 she made her debut on the catwalk with supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL and four years later signed with the Models 1 agency.

Within a month she had replaced Agyness Deyn as the face of fashion house Burberry, and she went on to accuse her 27-year-old rival of being a sore loser.

Pout-rageous ... Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows off her famous lips

Pout-rageous … Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows off her famous lips


She reportedly told a gossip columnist: “Agyness was really sweet and we used to hang out all the time. I tried being her friend and texted her repeatedly for six months but she never replied.

“Personally, I think Agy’s look is a one-off season look.”

Things got worse for Rosie when a picture emerged of her holding what appeared to be a bong — used to smoke cannabis — at a nightclub.

The picture was two years old but she was still dropped by Burberry, echoing what happened to Kate Moss, who was also dropped by the firm in 2005 for doing cocaine.

But Rosie quickly recovered and began building up contracts with firms including Victoria’s Secret, Next, Abercrombie & Fitch, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, and Topshop.

And her personal life was soon hitting the headlines, too.

A self-confessed “outrageous flirt”, photographers often knew where to find her as she strolled hand in hand with Tyrone Wood, to whom she was said to be close to marrying before they split, leaving Tyrone “heartbroken”.

Next she was pictured on romantic walks with French actor Martinez. And now she has moved on to Brit actor Jason Statham, 37.

Super-stunners ... but does Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Megan Fox win our battle of the sexies?

Super-stunners … but does Rosie or Megan Fox win our battle of the sexies?


She refuses to talk openly about her personal life these days, and her family and friends remain tight-lipped too.

Asked about Rosie’s new role in Transformers 3, her mum said: “We are very proud of her and everything she has achieved but we don’t wish to comment on her new film role as it wouldn’t be fair.”

But despite Rosie’s apparent desire to keep her private life private, she still knows how to make headlines.

In a recent men’s magazine interview she told breathlessly how she thinks about having sex with her boyfriend during shoots and dreams of being a foxy Bond girl, adding: “You have to know how to use your body. I am not a shy person when it comes to doing my job.

“Nearly every American guy will tell you that the first time they became aware of their sexuality was flicking through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. It’s a huge honour to be part of that.”

And in a women’s magazine, she tells of her love of lingerie, letting slip “secrets” such as the fact she often wears up to three “chicken fillet” bra boosters to give herself a generous cleavage under an evening gown, but usually goes bra-less and saves push-up lingerie for the bedroom where it is “fun, I think”.

She adds that she likes to wear suspenders, and advises girls that licking their lips and sticking their bums out can look sexy when they have their pictures taken.

The image of that sweet Devon lass, if it ever existed, appears to be fading before our eyes as Rosie climbs the ladder towards huge worldwide success.

On the back of her drug scandal, famous exes and a natural gift for making love to the camera, Rosie has unsurprisingly been dubbed the new Kate Moss. But she scoffs at this, saying haughtily: “I don’t think anyone can fill Kate’s shoes. I don’t want to be the new someone else. I’m Rosie.”

And if her film career takes off as rapidly as her modelling, the future will be very Rosie too . . .

Jason’s Snatch Interview with IGN Filmforce back in 2000 :)

What do a British football star, a fly pitcher, and a Chicago cop have in common? Well, in this case, they all ditched their day jobs for acting careers, and landed up in Guy Ritchie¿s latest ensemble comedy, Snatch. They are, respectively, Vinnie Jones, Jason Stratham, and Dennis Farina. We sat down with these Renaissance men, and the director that hired them (not to mention discovered Jones and Stratham), and talked to them about their experiences working on this much anticipated film.


IGN FILMFORCE: So, you¿re back for another round with Guy Ritchie. What’s the difference this time around?

JASON STATHAM: It’s completely the same. He¿s tried to involve as many people as he could from the technical side from the first one, the same sound technicians, lighting guys, same director of photography. We¿re still just messing around, playing chess in between takes, playing practical jokes, filling the producers¿ car with horseshoes, it¿s exactly the same.

IGN FILMFORCE: Was there more pressure this time around to produce a great movie?

STATHAM: I’m sure there was more pressure, but it was pretty much directed entirely at Mr. Guy Ritchie, he¿s the writer, he¿s the director, he¿s the center of the movie.

IGN FILMFORCE: You had quite a few more big name stars in this one than in the last¿

STATHAM: ¿yeah, Brad-Something right? Good-looking chap?

IGN FILMFORCE: ¿how did that change things?

STATHAM: These are great actors ¿ Brad, Benecio, Dennis ¿ we knew that it was going to be great and they were going to enhance it completely. They were brilliant to have around, and they were just normal guys.

IGN FILMFORCE: How did you research your role as a boxing promoter?

STATHAM: Well, I’m a big boxing fan and it was something I understood.

IGN FILMFORCE: Do you know people like the characters you interact with in the film?

STATHAM: Yes, I know several of them, I know a few gypsies that I¿ve rubbed shoulders with in the past. You know, I used to work street corners, I sold things out of suitcases. I was a fly pitcher¿

Turkish (Jason Statham) and Tommy (Stephen Graham) discuss mobile homes with Mickey (Brad Pitt) and his crew in Snatch.Photo Credit: Sebastian Pearson

IGN FILMFORCE: How long ago was that?

STATHAM: I¿ve been doing it all my life, until Guy gave me a part in Lock, Stock, that was what I used to do.

IGN FILMFORCE: How did he find you?

STATHAM: It was a combination of me knowing someone that he knew, and the meeting was set. I told him about my past, and he thought that I would bring an authenticity to the role.

IGN FILMFORCE: Did you ever think about becoming an actor?

STATHAM: Well, as a kid, everyone wants to be in a film, but really it just came out the blue. I didn¿t think it was going to go any further than Lock, Stock, really¿it wasn¿t really acting, I was just playing myself. I didn¿t consider myself an actor and I don’t to this day, it¿s just something I do¿

IGN FILMFORCE: Has Hollywood come knocking at your door yet?

STATHAM: I just did a Hollywood film, actually, just did John Carpenter¿s new movie, Ghosts of Mars.

IGN FILMFORCE: How¿s that compared to working on a Guy Ritchie film?

STATHAM: It’s a bit more serious, but it¿s still fun. John¿s got a great sense of humor and I¿ve been a fan of his films for years.

IGN FILMFORCE: Speaking of careers, you say you were a high diver, a boxer, you sold things out of briefcases¿ how do you get into that as an adolescent?

STATHAM: My father used to work mock auctions, it¿s sort of like a contest with prizes and big TV¿s, and I used to work the back room, carrying things out. We had a shop on the east coast of England, which was governed by five or six of these mock auctions. When I was on summer vacation from school, I used to work in these shops with my dad and his friends, learning the ropes. When I left school I was working on the streets myself, selling jewelry and perfume¿

IGN FILMFORCE: Why do you think Guy¿s movies are so popular amongst young men?

STATHAM: I think they¿re entertaining. When I see a movie I want to be entertained, and I think Guy involves a lot of drama, a lot of action, a lot of comedy, there’s a great story being told, it¿s visually entertaining, there’s all these things when put together make an overly entertaining film.

IGN FILMFORCE: What do your parents and your friends think of your new career?

STATHAM: You know, they think, ¿Good on ya! Do as much as you can with it.¿ My parents are proud, obviously. Sometimes I have to pinch myself every time I’m in another film, it¿s bizarre.

IGN FILMFORCE: Are you going to be in Guy¿s next movie?

STATHAM: He doesn’t know it yet, but yes¿

Snatch Movie Stills (2000)

snatch was jason’s second film outing, proving him not to be a one film wonder, directed by guy ritchie, following up his directing debut hit lock, stock and two smoking barrels, it even included brad pitt in the mix and turned out to be a belter :) click the link for some of the best quotes from the film – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06DbDR_cJ9I