New Hummingbird Set Pics from 1.5.12

looks like jason didnt have a heavy night at the european premiere of safe here in the uk last monday night, here are some pics taken of him the day after back on the hummingbird set in london, meanwhile yesterday rosie tweeted on her real, (yes thats real!) verified twitter page that she was off to catch a flight from LA to New York, she was pictured arriving at jfk with one of her best friends nikki pennie, she is scheduled to attend the MET Gala again this year, heres hoping  jason makes it over for it as well, they both looked stunning together last year, who can forget that backless dress rosie was wearing  (pics included),
how will she beat that this year????? pics will be posted when i find them, think the MET Gala is on monday, heres the on set pics of  jason plus rosie arriving at jfk yesterday, still looking stunning in flats and with very little make-up…………………..